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Request a Landfill Identification User Card

Landfill identification user cards must be shown at all Dysart et al landfill sites.

Two free landfill identification user cards are inserted with the final tax bill for each business or assessed parcel of land every two years.

May 26, 2023

Check your mail starting May 26, 2023. Your new 2023-2025 Dysart waste management card is inside your Dysart property tax bill. All ratepayers receive this mailing, even if you auto-pay your property taxes. Start using your new purple card right away.

Replacement cards

Two free replacement cards may be issued within the two year period should the first set be misplaced. However, beyond that all replacement landfill ID cards are an additional $25.00 per card required.

New homeowner?

New homeowners can request new landfill identification cards.

Please complete this form. Our Treasury Department will review your request and contact you to determine your eligibility. 

Why do you need a landfill identification user card?

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