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Video Surveillance Haliburton Skate Park

The Municipality of Dysart et al is proposing to install a video surveillance camera at the Haliburton Junction Skate Park. The footage from this camera would not be available for public viewing and would only be viewed by designated staff and/or law enforcement, if an incidence occurs at the skate park or surrounding area that requires further investigation.

We feel that video surveillance is necessary to help protect skate park users and to keep them safe. If someone were to get hurt or be approached by another individual in an unsafe manner, the footage could be used for investigative purposes. Additionally, there have been acts of vandalism at the skate park in recent years; with video surveillance, we could aid law enforcement with their investigation and hopefully catch the person(s) involved.

Without video surveillance, it makes it more difficult for the municipality and law enforcement to prove what happened in a particular incident, whether that be vandalism, an altercation or someone getting injured at the skate park. A lot of money was invested into the creation of the skate park, we would like to protect this asset and its users as best as possible.

The Municipalities Video Surveillance Policy incorporates many best practices as outlined by the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, and ensures that the Municipality will:

  • minimize the amount of video surveillance data taken;
  • only store surveillance video for 7 days (unless the surveillance video is used for a reason authorized by the policy);
  • notify individuals, through the use of signage, when video surveillance is in use;
  • take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to collected data and inadvertent destruction of, or damage to, collected data.
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